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The Ullico Mission

Our ability to serve America’s workers responsibly is what counts with the Ullico Family of Companies. This was true at the founding of The Union Labor Life Insurance Company in 1927 and remains true today for all subsidiaries and business lines. The products offered may change and grow to meet the dynamic needs of labor, but our commitment to working men and women is everlasting.

Our mission is:

  • To serve labor organizations, union employers, institutional investors and the working men and women of America – OUR CUSTOMERS
  • To develop and deliver innovative, sound and fairly priced insurance and investment products and services – OUR PRODUCTS
  • To ensure the preservation and growth of company assets and provide fair and equitable returns for our labor partners – OUR STOCKHOLDERS
  • To nurture a diverse work environment that promotes loyalty, integrity, quality, innovation, teamwork, accountability and sensitivity, and provides meaningful and rewarding opportunities for our most important asset – OUR EMPLOYEES
  • To exert a positive influence on the labor movement and on the communities in which we work and live – OUR CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP
  • The Ullico Difference

    FINANCIAL STRENGTH: Financial strength and security, with a focus on discipline and accountability, to deliver stability amidst market uncertainty and solid growth into the future.

    PRODUCT EXPERTISE: Unparalleled combination of expertise in each of our product categories and experience in the union marketplace.

    MARKET CREDIBILITY: Unmatched credibility within the labor movement and an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Labor’s unique challenges.

    LABOR VALUES: 80 years of service to the labor movement defined by the same work ethic and values of working men and women and the unions that represent them.

    PROACTIVE SOLUTIONS: A proactive approach to anticipating labor’s needs, developing innovative financial and risk solutions and delivering value to our clients.

    LABOR HERITAGE: A labor heritage that was born out of the vision of labor leaders and lives on through union investments and direct relationships with two-thirds of the labor market.

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